Lesson 5

1. Give three ways that a PV cell and a battery alike.

They both convert one form of energy into another, they both have a positive and a negative side, and they both produce direct current electricity.

2. A battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy. What type of energy does a PV cell convert?

PV cells convert light energy into electrical energy.

3. Since each individual PV cellís electrical output is small, how can the cells be configured to produce the electrical output needed to power a high electric demand?

The PV cells can be connected in series/parallel strings to increase the voltage/current output of the resulting string. Each string can be connected in series/parallel to increase the electrical output to the level that will match the demand.

4. In most situations, why is an inverter needed for a PV system?

Inverters change Direct Current into Alternating Current for powering appliances, tools, and other devices commonly found in the home

5. What function does the combiner box perform in a PV system?

The combiner box allows strings of modules to be safely connected in parallel thus producing one high amperage circuit to the inverter in a grid-connected situation or the charge controller in a remote installation.


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