sun array
This online training course was developed as a learning tool for low-income renovation contractors and weatherization providers in Pennsylvania. It is designed to help users understand solar energy strategies and technologies appropriate for residential applications, specifically solar electric (photovoltaics) and solar water heating, including siting, sizing, and installation.

While you are not required to register to access the training course, certain features of this website will be available only to registered users, such as email support, access to final test, and a certificate of completion.

Registered users will be issued a unique password to access the site. To register, you must be affiliated with a weatherization provider or low-income renovation contractor in Pennsylvania.

Lesson 1
Energy Use in the Home
Lesson 2
Solar Hot Water Basics
Lesson 3
Solar Water-Heating Systems Siting and Sizing
Lesson 4
Installing Solar Water-Heating Systems
Lesson 5
Photovoltaics (PV) System Basics
Lesson 6
PV System Selection and Sizing
Lesson 7
PV System Installation
Lesson 8
PV System Maintenance
Lesson 9

The site is a project of the PENNSYLVANIA MILLION SOLAR ROOFS PARTNERSHIP with funding from:
The Million Solar Roofs Initiative Small Grant Program For State and Local Partnerships (DOE Solicitation DE-PS26-05NT42410)
The PA Weatherization Providers Task Force
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